Knowledge without conceptual understanding is folly, knowledge and understanding of mechanical concepts are dangerous in the hands without wisdom. Having knowledge, understanding and wisdom without relationship leads to arrogance; all to say any knowledge that is apart from the grace, guidance, patience love and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Left to our own, these things become weapons in the hands of someone who speaks out of turn to the things that divide truth from lies. If I were to come to the things of Yahweh himself, Jesus Christ, or the word in my own state of being without fear of misrepresentation or allowance to chance of manipulation then I would be a bad servant to the Kingdom of God. In speculation we do not sin if we admit to what we do not know however speak to what we do. All things in Christ have been revealed in his word. Respectively in time to come until this plane of existence passes away, or perhaps better spoken this age. There is no new revelation to the word of God that is not searchable within his word. From guidance of the Holy Spirit all biblical truth has been kept both being passed on by both corrupted and justified men despite all attempts to add to or subtract from the breathed word of God.

Philippians 4:8 NKJV
Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things.

Meditation is a concept understood to many as clearing of the mind as a ritualistic exercise to focus on spiritual things. Everyone has a differing level of ability to exercise this concept both in focused seclusion without distractions at rest and in motion. Perhaps both a blessing within God’s will and a curse without as all people meditate intentionally or not. I have been blessed to have known both people who are better tuned both inside and outside of the grace of God who are both more tuned into spiritual things. Perhaps healthy defense, I do not say anxiety, of oneself should be exercised in complete respect when approaching true or corrupted spiritual understanding. Without being well equipped with the salvation of Christ, filled and fulfilled with the Holy Spirit, well guarded by a fathers wise commandments, and a double edge sword of truth in hand at all times, one can be led away; by anxiety, pride, love of self, spirits looking to acquire and devour the weak and defenseless of the flock that strays. Yes, Jesus is a relentless Shepard. Leaving none of his flock behind however we only know we are his when we are following him, and there are many who enjoy our company without committing to him. We only know he is with us when we are being corrected, that are able and willing to listen. If someone has no feeling of sadness or a dwindling voice within themself to come back then they have no assurance that they have truly known God as he truly is, committing themselves to a relationship, not anymore than recipients of the crumbs without sanctification. There is no true salvation in utterance of a prayer not built on a foundation of faith, which is why many who come to large churches admonishing only saying a prayer can enter into the kingdom of God as a failsafe life insurance policy. If there is no foundation for faith with relationship, then a prayer in itself only leaves our father in heaven unsatisfied as he is with meaningless sacrifices of animal offerings. He will call you a wicked servant, as a employer who fires an employee that does not even what is asked,God will cast you away from his kingdom because you never entered, you never endured.

Meditation itself is a beautiful thing I have been blessed with. Being able to always be allowed to tune myself either to spiritual conversations within myself or pure theology. Knowledge only given to those who seek, understood by those who humble themselves, saturated by those who fully commit themselves to seeking out Gods perfection, forsaking the calling of the dead flesh; a living spirit calls home until resurrection and being caught up into our spiritual form we dwell in old wineskins. We must in the morning meditate, thinking, wrestling, not leaving until given the blessing of the flesh being crippled so that we can withstand; not falling to temptation in our daily lives. Not leaving this internal state of meditation except when talking to others which in itself should become the second form of meditation through speech.Steering old dead conversations to living communion whether with believers in agreement or to those who are willing to listen or inspect our way of being to see whether it is worthy of consideration. The third mode of meditation is communal worship together with others because we need to know that regardless of how well, how often, we engage in meditation with God or on the things of God, we step away from meditation of some form less and less every time. Through affirmation of the spiritual truths placed within you by the word of God, Together learning that we have the ability to return to become better into it through persistent offerings of time, company and mindfulness. Such things lead to greater faith that produce sure and accepted works in ourselves and in others because we are no longer working from the flesh, we are constantly living a spiritual state of meditation and working from the spirit and where Satan has no chance to draw us away.

The dark side of meditation is apart from Yahweh’s gift of salvation, all creation being aware of his works of design either in observations in nature or written in their heart, deviated willingly from his design and unwillingly. I caution anyone away from accepting nor giving denial of the truth that we are born into the sin we are born into without understanding and wisdom from above. Since the beginning all accepted truth has become corrupt. If I were to give example in design of a artificial intelligence, I would say we are perfectly designed to function properly, however the designing manufacturer can not be blamed for the mess created by the corrupted product. The flaws can be fixed with a updated patch until the new hardware is replaced by the superior designed machine. That is to say we were offered a gift of being reformatted, therefore we can neither complain when the machine becomes dangerous and must be discarded because of its own intelligence that chose not to be fixed nor try to justify acting like we have not too been corrupted, contending like we are still one who has not been patched, nor can we deny the intelligence given to the those who have never accepted the patch. We can speak to what they know, present the errors and do as the creator does give grace to those who self destruct to themselves and not take others with them before their appointed time….

The world in this age knows what meditation is, the world acknowledges the design, it sees the errors. The only difference is in the meditation, constant absorption of time, focus and energy. The meditation becomes worship not on the creator, but the one who help corrupt it to the spiritual in false rituals and repetition. Sexual pleasure for both the spiritual attuned and devoid of any need for worship except for self worth, achievement and pride in self. The ones who are still living in the same state as those who deny having errors but are aware are always more devastating to those who are faithful to the design, accepted reprogramming. I would rather set and talk with a practicing Wiccan in their ignorance searching for spiritual things and willing to listen to truth than a self righteous pseudo intellectual religious person taking Gods name in vein to his deathbed despite the warnings. However, it would not be profitable over time to keep companies with either too long; if neither yield to truth they will remove your spiritual shine. Leading to recorruption of a once cleaned spirit. One given to Christ will always return, however scarred and only Christ knows who is going to be faithful until the end, thus why we must not neglect salvation nor despise reproach giving opportunity to stumble our walk. Grace and a pure spirit from a sound mind must always exercised whether showing a meek spirit or bold truth undefiled by arrogance nor false humility which is fear of being offensive when needed to be to define or correct sin before it consumes.

In all things meditation on truth will keep us to the end.

Published by Jimmy King

I am christian, I am currently living with undiagnosed adhd, I am a husband, I am a father. I love my God for his great love and the work he has done in me, I love my family, I love people. I don't know what life has for me next but I'm sure it will my best life God could give me and I intend to live it.

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