Right in my own eye

Something that should be noted in the book of judges is that people were with out leadership in the official capacity in their everyday lives. Yes they had judges and leaders but not like kings to really put forth decree and people really did what was right in their own eyes as long as there was no need for the judges to intervene. I feel though that even so people would do what was right in the kings eyes which wasn’t necessarily right before Yahweh. Even so they had the Torah and the priesthood set up to know what was right however interpretation and reading comprehension wasn’t always there. Sin has a way of muddying truth to find loopholes. Then again Yahweh was always seeking true relationship with his people and people substitute relationship with religion and satan loves to stand waiting to give people religious experience to alleviate the nagging feeling of unrepentant sin in our lives. Even so it is a hard thing to measure one’s own relationship with someone else’s relationship.

Judge not… Really when we judge what we see in our own eyes we judge mainly by what we see acceptable for others by our own flawed understanding. Yes we must balance what is scripture and what is self understanding. Thus why we need to be willing at least to remove the plank to teach others because in teaching others we teach ourselves. This is why Paul taught Timothy to be blameless in stewardship and his churches to be blameless within their worship together before the Lord. He also taught that our lifestyle was just as much a reflection of faith. Though we we work, which is separate from our faith toward our father should be diligent to show his glory. If co workers or employers see laziness in a vocally professing christian, they equate our father as lazy. If they see one to be cowardly then they equate cowardice. If they see unfair business, or lying they perceive our father to be those things. If our wives see us unfaithful they see our Lord to be unfaithful which is untrue. But alas all men will have to give account for all that we have done, one can not blame others for your their bad example and ones unwillingness to seek truth itself.

C.s Lewis put it this way and I am paraphrasing, we seek to be saved from one or two things in our lives by Jesus and he seeks to clean us of all things that kill our relationship with the father and others. Myself I see that Yahweh has created us with the intent of relationship with himself and seeing that it is a lonely thing to not be with others as one self he created not only one man but he created an equal in woman perhaps not the same but a perfect opposite equal. Not only so ending there but creating the ability to equal each other out in all aspects of life which is why fellowship with each other is so very important and missed when not partaking.

There is a perfect balance between human beings sorely forsaken between man, woman, brotherhood and sisterhood when we try to isolate ourselves or substitute with impurity and sexuality. Not that sexuality is impure in proper relationship with ones spouse or that man and woman can’t admire each other’s attributes. However sin and satan’s influence on society finds occasion to separate people through promiscuity and jealousy. Separation of one’s self from another based on stature and attire or success. Truth is modesty has little to do with sexuality, as clothing and acceptability; the way we equate sex with attire varies widely by geography. Though God calls us not to sully ourselves in sexual sin, that is covered in other biblical reference in conduct with mind body and soul.

Modesty is not showing one’s self to be above one another when we congregate as family not by natural but spiritual birth. Even so one can not covet what another has gained in this life nor should one lord over the brother or sister who has struggled. There is a balance that we seek in this life and obtain the one thereafter.

While I am saddened by my own social anorexia in this life, I know that it’s been for a purpose. Had I been rewarded in this life with many friends, perhaps it would not have been stored up as a treasure in heaven awaiting me for a reward first with my savior Jesus himself I long to behold, and his father greater than he that has given me life and forsook his own begotten son to be given for sin and death to give me reason for hope; in that he wanted a true friend in me.

I would say in ending, I would say I have been blessed to find a true friend in my wife; with my children I hope to be great friends with them in my lifetime, and I hope they find friends in each other. It is better to have one or two real true friends, then a thousand fake friends. It is better to find true friendship than substitution. I relish the moments I do connect with the many acquaintances I have met over the years. That said we must be honest most people come and go in our lives anyway. It is good to know the difference between friend and mere passerby. Not taking for granted what great fellowship we have while we have it because life is but a vapor, and with hope we can meet together once again thereafter and I hope that by my life and writings that I have led all to our awaited assembly.

Published by Jimmy King

I am christian, I am currently living with undiagnosed adhd, I am a husband, I am a father. I love my God for his great love and the work he has done in me, I love my family, I love people. I don't know what life has for me next but I'm sure it will my best life God could give me and I intend to live it.

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