Society Sensory overload

In ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and ADHD(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), there is an overlapping symptom of the inability to process an over abundance of information on the neurodivers mind. Too much information that the mind can not process properly. The result to the outsider observing is a meltdown, a tantrum. As annoying to the observer, it is worse for the person living through these times of overstimuli.

This brings me to my conclusion for today and for a long time really. America is in deep sensory overload. It is not that people haven’t experienced hard times throughout history. Since as long as history has been kept, people have endured hard struggles. I cannot think of a time in any other generation that mankind has such an overabundance of information. Some embrace knowledge as a defining attribute. Some take from the spiritual interpretation of life. Some view the hardships as what is, is. Some see injustices that have plagued us since Adam and Eve left the garden and are starting to regurgitate. All of this is from a Christian point of view; the wages of sin. We are currently being served our tab.

War, police brutality, climate change, excess living, and certainly turning from christ like morals. Loving the wealth God blessed our nation with to certainly further his word through making widely known his love for us through his son. I see though that like the servant that believes the master is not returning, America began to beat his fellow servants. To abuse and forget about others. Surly for those who were forcefully brought to America never shared in this reward. After slavery was abolished, black men and women were and still to this day being asked to take the blame for the shame of slavery and racism. Which for the most part slavery wasn’t a unique experience but did America not make a sickening art of it. Though we see the laws change, evil hearts never do and complacent viewers have made the stench speak loudly, until a boiling point is being reached.

Descrimination and domination is not only ascribed to race, and brings me to the next subject. Man being created by God with strength, has long lorded over God’s gift to him, women. I know that in a patriarchal society that we men were charged with protecting the fairer sex by God. Because of man’s arrogance and domination of women instead of cherishing and loving, seeing them as equals to ourselves not in differences but completing each other. We see the leaving of the old ways of patriarchal society and the abandonment of children. God’s gift to men and women. Even more wicked than anything man does. Racism, war, abuse of his fellow man. Pedophilia is the ultimate sin that has be shoved in the closet by men of power, and common families alike. I don’t honestly know which is the greater sin. The pedophile, who is wickedly abusing children or those not partaking but enabling by silence, then shaming the victims to protect the offender. This is not different to grown woman (or men) who have been victimized but especially wicked when done to the truly powerless and innocent.

Lastly I come to the least of what the world is going through. A pandemic which is stripping people of their gluttonous lifestyles. Really? Is it so unbearably hard to swallow your pride and wear a mask if you are a healthy adult? I acknowledge that it is a inconvenience. But the truth is it is just another sign of people’s hubris and selfishness. A real virus, man made or not kills and spreads. And all man can think of is his money. Which there is no value in, the value resides in the resources. Perhaps this is not as bad as it is made out to be, or it is. All I know I am not a good armchair scientist. Used to be that trusting anything that was on the internet was considered ignorance and warned against. Now days anything on YouTube is heralded as gospel.

All this in conclusion is the birth pains of the social breakdown of society. We are bombarded daily with so many facts and lies we can’t discern. Unlike when we spoke in our churches, in bars, in barbershops, truth or lies stayed with those people. Now when say something in one place and it rings across the planet. The is a overload of information and no wonder that we see people agonizing over the wall of noise.

All of these subjects I have overly simplified but all of these subjects are important just like many others. We should not downplay some matters because we value others more or think their are more more pressing matters. Thank you for reading.

Published by Jimmy King

I am christian, I am currently living with undiagnosed adhd, I am a husband, I am a father. I love my God for his great love and the work he has done in me, I love my family, I love people. I don't know what life has for me next but I'm sure it will my best life God could give me and I intend to live it.

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